Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Becoming Ill, What happens next?

Sitting here in bed thinking of "what happens when the shit hits the fan." I guess it is inevitable that sooner or later, sometime, either my wife or I or perhaps even a close loved one will become ill with something that we have no control over. It is that powerless feeling that I am trying to tap into today.

Recently, I have reconnected with an old friend that had a such an ailment... Aside from getting the details, I was greatly interested in how she and her hubby dealt with the reality of the everyday life being interrupted permanently. I asked and ( immediately ASSumed) a negative outlook was first and foremost. To my surprise she, remarked that the support of her family; Captained by her outstanding new husband; of just over a year, made things manageable. " How Loved", I felt for her, as I read about this newlywed and the immediate problems that no one assumes will ever be so quickly in a new relationship...
I am impressed at the human kindness that some people seem to posses in this world.

I am still cutting my teeth now on this blogging thing. I wish to be able to share the good, bad and the ugly about the last how ever many years that I am blessed to walk this earth. I must interject that this turning 40 experiment is still a great conversation starter for many. I feel quite humble to have folks share their true life experiences with me as, I am living vicarious through their fantastic accounts.

Ambitiously, I am the person that my close confidants will feel comfortable allowing me to stand as their "Sargent in Arms" when something crappy happens. My aim, as of now, is to talk about everything and live life to the fullest.

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