Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Turning 40

Well friends,

In 4 months and 2 weeks I will finally hit the top of my down-hill slope. Sigh! Quite frankly, I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I have seen others become very apprehensive about reaching this period of existence. As for now, I am reflecting over the short periods of time that felt only like 5 years have passed.

Perhaps everyone has a different reaction based on how they arrived at this particular point in life. I am very blessed to have a good health report; with an additional helping of an 25 extra lbs... A happy, 2nd marriage; and a remarkable career, after flunking out of college at the age of 19.

I imagine, that I longed for what every kid sought after leaving, their parents home.

Now what?

I achieved that solitude immediately, running away to college. Soon I found out that toilet paper and tooth paste were no longer free items that magically appeared in my childhood loo and it was not until later that I still did not learn that those items were important enough in comparison to Ramen noodles and the uncountable many cases of beer by the same name, on the label.

This whole forty thing to me, really only means that I have had my training wheels off for about 20 years or so.

I joined the military immediately after being removed from the collegiate class of 1992, which is now a bitter sweet remembrance of the last 2 (two) decades.

Although at the time, my unfocused scholastic energy was not acceptable for the top 25 percent of this country; the military alternative career lifestyle was a perfect fit. Immediately my new chance to succeed came early, as I signed a contract, which allowed my first 2 1/2 of the 4 yrs of military service in a college classroom environment.

Now wanting to achieve, things became effortless...
Today, I am blessed to be the owner operator of a small corporation in the health care field.

The 1990's were "my good ole' days", when I was very engaged in the pulse of America. I recall marching on Washington every other weekend just to see, if I could get in front of a news camera; hoping that my family, near Buffalo would see me on the idiot box. It also was a time in my life, when I began to travel the world and see life and fix the misrepresentations that I had taken as gospel.

All of this exploration, seeking to find out who I was in this vast world, resulted in a collapse of my first marriage along with other key elements in relationship built around trust. Although sad at times, this period was necessary in order to have arrived at what I know life as now.

The new millennium and Y2K brought out a willingness to want to actively experience life to the fullest. "Throwing caution to the wind." Thanks to "therapy" and the need to utilize the camping gear and the generators, (not to mention the 12 cases of batteries and bottled water.) After re-booting my Internet device my environment seemed brighter and more jubilant.

My last 10 years have all been well documented, as my foreign born German wife; some 3800 miles away from her family, has encouraged me to explore life through rose-colored glasses. Tanja, along with her yoga spirits have introduced me to the concepts of unconditional love and face bragging... Seeing her break the "40 ceiling" some 5 months ago clearly proves to me that, there are even far more amazing life moments after the dreaded "quotations" ahead...

As for now, tune in later and I will have a better answer as I get closer to July 2010.