Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A day with me.

04:46 am.
Abruptly, a jolting ring tone from my treo palm stunned me as I leaped from the most fantastic REM cycle ever. Uumm Ggoood Morn'n, this is Bill... "Hi Bill" says the familiar voice on the other end ..."I am sorry to wake you"... Silence I am waiting for the particulars. Crash or not, I interrupt her spiel. "Not, she says". I return groggily, I'll see you in 10-15. After hanging up the phone. I quickly stumble through the darkest bedroom in the world, avoiding the dog and trying not to wake the wifey. Sigh!!! I brushed my teeth and gently wiped the crap from the corners of my eye wells while darting towards the car.
Turning the key... Shit, I shouted out loud, as the bloody phone rings again. Thinking it is turning into a more emergent situation the secretary explains "that the patient will not be having a C-section right now. Sorry for waking you." It seems the night crew jumped the gun in a totally acceptable fashion by calling me before having an official word given by the Surgeon to sound the alarms. Actually after the Doctor arrived at the hospital... The decision was made to watch the patient ,who was now very stable.

07:00 am.
Hi. It's Bill, I am just checking on the patient from this morning... Janice remarks, "that patient is still stable, but another patient is going to need your services. We were just getting ready to call you.". Cool I'll see you in 15 mins, as I head to the garage again... After a uneventful 9 minute commute to the hospital. We performed the procedure with no complications leaving; mom, dad and their new baby-boy all snuggled into an unbreakable group hug.

"The (4:45) patient" is still stable and progressing I am told, so I leave the hospital. Thinking I should grab breakfast or drive to the gym... Hmmmm Well, I choose the path of least resistance. I made a 3 egg western with a side of homemade hash browns and then turned on the idiot box. Knowing that this day has just begun I veg-out... Just on cue, at 11:00 am the call comes in.

Walking into the hospital. I have a shit eating' grin plastered across my face while passing in front of the jovial staff in a culd-a-sac seating arrangement. We all knew it was just a matter of time... Fast forward 45 minutes...Happy family and all are well.

My buddy Jeff calls and we meet for lunch in Northbrook at a greasy spoon. The location as quirky as the menu boasting only 8 items... The decor consists of a long bar and 12 square table seating's for about 50 people jammed close to each other. Jeff mentioned that he heard that "they" are known for their burgers.
We agreed with the recommendation and the extra 1200 calories(w/fries included) that I did not even expect to make my list for today. Damn It!

Chilling at home now watching the NCAA Basketball coverage.

While watching the game I feel asleep. This well deserved nap was interrupted by our little shih tzu barking, due to the squirrels prancing around in his backyard. Oh well, I say looking at the phone just checking to make sure I have not missed any calls.

I am downloading the video from earlier today. This daily account is was done for practice.
Thanks for tuning in today, as you can see not much happened in my life that was that interesting.

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Tanja said...

not exciting? I think this was a really exciting day...