Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is near

Its March!

Although, I am not an Pisces I truly enjoy this period of time during the year. Mostly by now, the Arctic blast has begun to wind down, leaving our suburban Chicago homes with a mix of ice and various stages of the melting precipitation. Although this is not fun for walking the dog, I get a little energy boost knowing that the river will soon become a shade similar too neon Kelly green. My Tanja patiently stands by; as I have for the past 5 years, ventured into downtown dressed in the newest digs that show my praise to the Saint Patrick. I guess I could describe the weekend scene as a Halloween party (with a green theme) blending with the binge consumptions of a college frat party. I must add that the annual event draws ages of revelers, from all over the country. The mess described by some does help stimulate the local hotels, services, and bars/restaurants. Personally, this time out from life is a welcomed sign of spring in my eyes.

Well if hangovers and meaningless conversations with strangers are not that exciting too you, perhaps how about knowing that spring has arrived when the CBS Television station starts previewing the March Madness Basketball Tournament?
This year will have a slight somber overtone as our local sports-guru; who poured many unpaid hours into arranging the brackets and then collecting and soliciting the illegal work pool recently passed away at the age of 38. Andre, a big spirited man in size and demeanor, coordinated an amazing gambling ring which kept everyone
(including managers) updated on their points and probability to win a handsome prize of a few hundred dollars. His genuine smile comes to mind, as the tip off of a game is bleeding through in my immediate background noise from my living room right now. Sigh!

Lastly, As we all look forward to shredding our outer layers of clothing... The fruits of our late fall work are starting to peak through the last inch of ground cover. Just today my snuckems remarked about seeing Crocuses on her daily journey through the oddly situated park in our neighborhood.

Cool, crisp, sloppy, and short ...Spring we welcome you to Chicago.

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Tanja said...

lol @ Snuckems...thank you for sharing your thoughts on Spring. I love Spring and that is one more reason why Chicago makes me sad...because we have a really short on here and if last week didn't prove that, we went from snow to 65 degrees weather right back to snow again. This will go back and forth a few times and then it will just stop snowing and voila is summer.