Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Along the way ... Kindness is shared

We have been blessed to have met the most sincere and wonderful people since arriving in country. So many great stories have been passed along, by the "locals" to us ,in both the Western and Eastern Capes. I thought it would be nice to share one of them, from along the way.
The following is a story of a hostess who works in a medium scale restaurant. This gal has 2 children and is a single woman. Her name is Susan.

We listened, as her monologue tells how she lives a very humble life in a local township near Capetown's downtown center. " My nickname in the neighborhood is Mama," she says, because I also financially tend for 3 young girls, that live next door to me.
Our wait staff hostess, pays approximately 200 Rand/<$30 USD a month x 3 for their education and school uniforms, in addition to her own children (and her rent,living expenses, ect, ect......) "We all know that education is the key to breaking poverty..."
Gosh, little things sure mean alot here in Africa. {These thoughts flooded my mind, while she spoke in a gentle voice.}
I encouraged her to continue to speak.

"Although, the neighborhood children have a mother and a grandmother of their own," She remarks, I happen to be fortunate to be apart of the new emerging black working class and the childrens mother is still stuck behind, with her thinking and position in life. She adds that, " education is not the focus for most people[black] here, still of this changing class system".
For the last 10 years, Susan was as a nanny in Durbin. "I always knew, that I was good with people and I thought I needed more growth" ..." I also felt like, I have to help others even if I only had little to do so ..." Hearing this anecdote, we left that cafe wiping our eyes and saying >>>>HOLY Shit!
By the way, she would not let us leave until she gave us her account about her 2nd happiest day in life. It was watching on television the election of a fellow African brother from Illinois; Barack Obama! This was nudged out only by the release date of Madiba [Nelson Mandela] on Feb 11 1990. Susan was asked to go home from work on that day due to her inconsolable riggers of excitement.
We have learned that it really does not take much to help. I hope she stays in touch.


Tanja said...

this woman is such an inspiration. She doesn't have much but is willing what little she has with the neighbours children. Her kindness blew my mind. With a small amount of money she is able to pay the school uniforms and tuition for these three girls. Making a huge diference in their lifes. I am sure we are going to figure out something we can do once we get back from the trip.

Kirsten and Bobs World said...

These are the good people in this world who are so hard to find. She is doing this out of the Goodness of her heart and not to receive any recognition or praise! Totally inspiring!