Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Visiting the "Mother City" and more...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Driving>>> part 2

The next step of our journey landed us in what looked similar to the Bordeaux region of France. The wine routes of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek had these magical ways of bending the light from the rising sun. Rays of the brilliant break trickled through the vista's and peaks in the nearby mountains, [too which I do not know their names]. Close to a magical setting. It was a another perfect weather day again.

The mercury tipped in at 82 F/26 C mark. There was not a cloud to save our lives. " Das ist kommish", say's Tanja; knowing that June & July are considered to be the wettest months, here on the western cape.
We enjoyed the fine wines for about an hour and moved in route to the most southern tip of Africa. Oye, a big warm Thanks goes out to our wine manager, Corbus of the Kanu Winery. Your fine hospitality and most of all; letting us in on the best kept secret in Stellenbosch. You see we took his recommendation on a lunch establishment. It was exactly as he had described to the letter " T".

Please let me take a second to digress, about the hospitable African Spirit of the rainbow nation people. We have been treated like royalty! During our stay in Capetown all of the Africans were quick to immediately greet us. Even just, while walking down the street. Each of them asking questions about our stay or fairing, in this region of the southern hemisphere. Their kindness and affectionate sense of connection is from the on set. Honestly; these people are of all colors and walks of life. Poor and well to do folks are interested to tap into us. We do not know why this is happening but we are just as curious of them as well...

This brings me to a Buddha laced establishment. It is decorated in a Indonesian style, with gorgeous wood carvings and ornate little Asian trinkets.
Finding it still too early for lunch we had a Rooibus tea and the most delectable slice of apple tart. Mind you, that this "secret" is not a tourist pit stop at all.
Well any who, back to my story about the "African Spirit". Literally, about 49 seconds after sitting down at the large wooden deck table, we noticed two casual customers coming towards our table. "Their faces were inviting, as the sun that was shining." Hearing our American accents, I believe; gave them the key to say "Hello." Although, I can't believe that our new friend Cherry has ever been a shy gal in her life at all...
Nearly 45 mins later, we had to just pry ourselves apart. We had all become like long lost neighbors. Tanja now has a new facebook mate, as a result.
Cherry and Hazel; the great stories you both collectively shared was a [blessing] to us. Tanja and I appreciate your gracious hospitality for picking up the tab as well! (I know, can you believe that?) ... Just know that we will use your [shared energy power] for good and pay it forward.
Perhaps, we were all connected in some other life form in the past. It certainly seemed like more of a reunion, than a first chance meeting.


Else said...

First: Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dearest Bill, happy birthday to you!!!! I am sending you all my best wishes, health, love, happyness, success for this new year and hugs and kisses!!!!
second: I love to follow you on your route through South Africa with tese wonderful pictures looking forward to hear all the stories in august personally.
Love Else

Bill Price said...

Thank you Mama. I am sorry that I am missing my annual song via phone lines. It is Greatly felt!!! Please have a internet (((hug))) until I see you soon.

Love You,

Kirsten and Bobs World said...

Love love love the pictures and stories. You are on a real adventure. I am glad that such a long planned trip has become what you hoped for and more!